Just a few kilometers from Thessaloniki, our favorite Halkidiki is located and our beach bars promise moments of distraction and fun.

The first leg, renowned for its intense entertaining rhythms, and especially the weekends, “sinks” out of the world. From Nea Iraklia and Kallikratia to Pefkohori and Paliouri, you can find the beach bar that covers all tastes.

Thestival.gr presents some of the best beach bars from the boundaries of Thessaloniki with Halkidiki, until the end of the first leg of Halkidiki!


Sahara Resort


On one of the most beautiful beaches in Nea Iraklia, Sahara Resort has opened its gates early and is waiting for you to spend some carefree moments.

A huge beach bar that can offer you everything you need for a relaxed swim in Halkidiki.



Nea Iraklia, Chalkidiki

Tel: +30 2399 062502

Facebook: Sahara Resort Greece


Pastazi All Day Beach Bar


Pastazi All Day Beach Bar is located on a beautiful beach just 40 minutes from Thessaloniki, in Nea Flogita, Chalkidiki.

Enjoy your summer vacation, or your day off, by drinking a mojito by the beach along with relaxing music.



New Flogita

Tel: +30 2373 032522

Facebook: Pastazi All Day Beach Bar


Pounta Beach Bar


The Pounta beach bar awaits you to stroll on the beautiful beach of Afitos on the first foot of Chalkidiki.

Cocktails, beer and good music in one of the most beautiful spots of Halkidis.




Tel: +30 6970836443

Facebook: Pounta Beach Bar


Lefki Ammos Beach Bar (White Sand)


It is one of the most popular beach bars in Halkidiki and is full of people everyday.

The beach bar of White Sand, at Xenia Beach in Paliouri, is ready to welcome you with its wild parties, in front of the blue waters of Paliouri.



Paliouri, Chalkidiki

Tel: +30 6981190191

Facebook: Leuki Ammos Beach Bar


Glarokavos Beach Bar


Glarokavos, next to one of the most beautiful beaches in Pefkohori Chalkidiki, you can spend moments of carefree life throughout the day.

Party, cocktails and more for moments that will be unforgettable.



Pefkohori, Chalkidiki

Tel: +30 694 907 5300

Facebook: Glarokavos


Cabana Beach


At Cabana beach bar on the crystal clear coast of Xenia in Paliouri, Chalkidiki awaits you for relaxed moments, together with unique music.

At weekends, we organize wild parties with unique guests that you should not miss.



Paliouri, Halkidiki

Tel: +30 695 569 8151

Facebook: Cabana beach


Umbrellas Beach Bar


Umbrellas, offers you high-level services in Pefkohori Chalkidiki.

Enjoy your coffee, drink or cocktail at one of the most enchanting beaches of Halkidiki.

At the same time you can try to mouth dishes offered by his kitchen.



Pefkohori, Chalkidiki

Tel: +30 694 526 6299

Facebook: Umbrellas Beach Bar


Agistri Beach Bar – Restaurant


On a beautiful beach of Pefkohori is Agkistri.

Dj will pop up with their music, while you can enjoy one of the restaurant’s unique dishes accompanied by a cool cocktail.




Phone: +30 6982444230 & +30 6947893313

Facebook: Agistri Beach Bar – Restaurant


Fiki Fiki beach bar & cocktail mood


Another very good choice on a beautiful beach in the area of Pefkohori.

Fiki Fiki awaits you for relaxing moments by the sea.

The beach bar combines relaxation, quality and beauty. Suitable for all ages.




Phone: +30 2374 063568

Facebook: Fiki Fiki beach bar & cocktail mood


Navagos Beach Bar


The Navagos Beach Bar in Paliouri, Chalkidiki, is waiting for you for a special summer!

Relaxed atmosphere and natural beauty combine in one of the must – visit, beach bar of Chalkidiki.



Paliouri, Halkidiki

Tel: +30 697 669 5451

Facebook: Navagos Beach Bar


Anemos Beach Bar


On the beautiful shore of Sani in the first leg of Chalkidiki, Anemos Beach Bar awaits you for diving and relaxing next to the beach to enjoy delicious coctails.

The events for fun accompanied by good music are not missed, so you hurry …



Akti Sani, Halkidiki

Tel: +30 2374 031690

Facebook: Anemos Beach Bar


Lime Beach Bar


In beautiful Afitos on the first leg of Chalkidiki, the Lime Beach Bar awaits you to enjoy your swim.

Dressed in white in combination with relaxing music will give you a unique relaxing experience.



Afitos, Halkidiki

Tel: +30 2374 091509

Facebook: Lime Beach Bar


Cocones Beach Bar


Cocones Beach Bar awaits you in the beautiful Polichrono, to make your baths in Halkidiki.

Enjoy exotic cocktails and tasty finger foods and have fun from morning till night.



Polychrono, Halkidiki

Tel: +30 2374 052512

Facebook: Cocones Beach Bar


Yolo beach bar


Yolo beach bar promises fun moments by the sea.

Enjoy cocktails and drinks at the beautiful beach of Nea Iraklia, Chalkidiki, because You Only Live Once!



Nea Iraklia, Chalkidiki

Tel: +30 699 676 6766

Facebook: Yolo Beach Bar


Elephant Beach Bar


Discover a paradise on one of the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki in Pefkohori and Elephant.

Arrange on the pillows, order a cocktail or drink and relax at the beach of Pefkohori.



Pefkohori, Chalkidiki

Tel: +30 697 042 5787

Facebook: Elephant Beach Bar


Aloha beach bar


Very close to Thessaloniki, in Nea Kallikratia is the Aloha.

Economic, natural beauty, ideal for a quick city escape for a relaxing banquet.



Nea Kallikratia, Chalkidiki

Tel: +30 2399 033206

Facebook: Aloha beach bar


Villas Seaside Lounge & Restaurant


A beautiful atmosphere, aesthetics and relaxation offers the Villas Seaside Lounge & Restaurant on the beautiful beach of Polichrono Chalkidiki.

Start with coffee and go for a cocktail or a drink while you can enjoy the restaurant’s dishes. All of this accompanied a good music lounge.



Polychrono, Halkidiki

Tel: +30 2374 062518

Facebook: Villas Seaside Lounge & Restaurant


Achinos Beach – 7 Seas


Pearly palm trees, a beautiful beach and sun loungers reminiscent of a comfortable bed mattress.

These can be found at Achinos Beach – 7 Seas, except the excellent cocktails, and the delicious restaurant dishes.

A very good choice for relaxation in Chanioti.



Hanioti, Halkidiki

Tel: +30 694 747 1471

Facebook: Achinos Beach – 7 Seas




In a lovely green creek, on the beach of Kypsa you will meet “Chelona”.

The scenery on the way to the beach bar is impressive. The sea is fantastic, the sunset stands out from this point. Exquisite cocktails, while the frenzied parties he organizes will make the fun soar.



Kypsa beach

Tel: +30 693 679 3401

Facebook: Chelona Beach Bar


Koursaros Beach Bar


Moments of relaxation offer one of the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki, offering the Koursaros Beach Bar.

Boast on its sun loungers, take a coffee in the morning and continue with cocktails for relaxed moments in Halkidiki.



Paliouri, Halkidiki

Tel: –

Facebook: Koursaros Beach Bar